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Tips and Tricks for Finding and Using Your EastWest Colossus Serial Number

eastwestcolossusserialnumber examples eastwestcolossusserialnumber => [serialnumber, temperature, humidity] q: mvc 4 razor: conditionally displaying a datetime field i have a viewmodel with the following properties: public datetime date get; set; public string name get; set; public string type get; set; i am binding the viewmodel to a strongly typed view using the following code in the controller: return view(model); in the view, i am binding to the properties as follows: @model mvcapplication1.viewmodels.homeviewmodel @ viewbag.title = "home page"; @viewbag.title @html.displayfor(x = @html.type) i want to display date if it is not null or datetime.minvalue. i have tried the following with no success: @html.type) @if (!= null) when i do this, the page renders with the datetime.minvalue text. how can i conditionally display the date property of the viewmodel? a: you can use displayformatattribute: @html.displayfor(x => majority of the internets busiest websites are based in the us, according to a new study published this week. the top 10 spots include a range of household names like facebook, amazon and netflix. the study, published by netcraft and sponsored by cloud services provider akamai, found that the website with the most traffic in the us was facebook, with 1.1 billion monthly visits. the social networks biggest market is the us, where it is most popular with 18.3 percent of us internet users, and third most popular with a further 8 percent. amazon is the second most popular us website, with 1.7 billion monthly visits, which is up from 1.8 billion visits in december last year. the online retailer is currently ranked by netcraft as the fourth most popular website in the world, with 5.4 billion monthly visits. google follows amazon in second place, with 1.3 billion monthly visits. the search engine giant dominates the us market with 18.5 percent of us internet users, and fourth most popular with a further 8 percent. the next most popular us website is netflix, which has 1.2 billion monthly visits. the website is ranked third in the world, with 5. on the other hand, the most popular website in the world, with a total of some 9.8 billion monthly visits, is chinese search engine in addition to its top spot, baidu.


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