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Salt 2 Shores Of Gold

In a step toward a cheaper, easier way to connect computer chips to computers, scientists have patterned semiconductors with a film of extremely small gold particles. The nanoscale detailing might also lead to other applications: new sensors for detecting chemical weapons, novel chemical catalysts, and better ways of delivering medicines.

Salt 2 Shores of Gold

In the new work, Jillian Buriak, Lon Porter Jr., and their colleagues at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., use gold leftovers from coin-making factories. This so-called gold salt is inexpensive and can be converted into relatively pure gold particles, says Buriak.

Scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy revealed that the film is actually made of nanoscale gold particles. The same process worked for palladium and platinum, precious metals well known for catalyzing chemical reactions.

These Chinese zodiac animals etched in hydrogels come in many materials, including gold (goat), titanium dioxide (snake) and luminescent nanoparticles (rabbit). The images on the bottom are each a few dozen micrometers wide. The images at the top started that big and were then shrunk to roughly one-tenth their size. 041b061a72

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