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63. the family is an inviolable and indissoluble social unit. it generates human life as such. man's nature includes a need to know his parents and to be with his own offspring as they grow up. it is no accident if, in cultures marked by a strong sense of responsibility towards their own future, the family, where it is properly organized and protected, has a certain vitality and gives a sense of stability to society as a whole.

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32. at any rate, we might call this act of the bishop "a call for the church and for the world." if the church today, standing as a pilgrim, at the place of christ's sufferings and death, gives a clear account of what it has suffered, experienced and accomplished on the journey to the renewal of the whole of humanity, then much indeed has been accomplished. that the church will continue to play this role in the future is certain, because, as the apostle says, her work is not finished.

39. a great theologian and poet once likened the happiness we find in writing to an intoxication produced by tasting musk. that is to say, the word which brings the writer into contact with the spirit of christ and of the church and which, as such, changes his soul and opens new vistas of thought and love to him is, in a sense, like a marvelous gift. but it can produce what the theologian called 'a theological intoxication' and make man think and love in a new way.

6. in the universal church, the laity constantly strive to maintain contact with the rood, sharing in its work and mission. in their encounters with the world they are often scandalized by the indifference of others, and so they strive to advance the kingdom of christ. they work for the common good, not personal gain, and in the spiritual life (as in the apostolic tradition) they go beyond the boundaries of their personal spiritual experiences to look to god in all things. (9)

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